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Hey guys and gals,

I just thought I'd remind you about the MS 3-gun Challenge.

It is October 9-11 at the Cross Roads Sport Shooting Assn range in Glen, MS (Corinth)

We're using Ft.Benning rules (Time plus scoring, similar to IDPA) and have 8 stages.

Since it is in Mississippi I'd love to have more Mississippi shooters than last year (not half of the match).

Info found at www.crssa.com and Brian enos forums in the 3-gun match announcements.

Or PM me from these forums.


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I've put on the few 3-gun matches we've had at Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club in Byram the past few years and due to so many handgun programs, USPSA, ICORE, and Renegade Steel, we don't have many competitors show up for the 3-Gun matches. In order to better utilize our labor available at USPSA and Renegade Steel matches, we have actually started having Rifle side matches after the USPSA matches after pulling the steel out and having Shotgun matches after the Renegade Steel matches. We normally do this in the cooler months in Spring and Fall. I can't be there due to working and shooting USPSA Nationals in Las Vegas on those dates. I'll mention it to those interested to see if we can drum up some shooters.
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