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For those who might be interested in just how well “Team Mississippi” did at the 2010 1000 Benchrest National Championship in Harris, MN Sept. 2,3 & 4. Here is the thread on Benchrest Central http://benchrest.com/showthread.php?71283-1000-Yard-Nationals-at-GRRC
There were 39 Shooters do DQ over the 3 day shoot. No MS DQ’s

Short break down of Team Mississippi

Overall Rankings for Both Heavy & Light Gun
Baron Graham No. 9
William Wittman No. 19
Robert McMichael No. 43

Light Gun Overall
Baron Graham No. 1
William Wittman No. 28
Robert McMichael No. 50

Light Gun Score
Baron Graham No. 3 w/ 46.250
William Wittman No. 32 w/ 43.000
Robert McMichael No. 49 w/ 40.250

Light Gun Group
Baron Graham No.1 w/ 7.093”
William Wittman No. 29 w/ 10.700”
Robert McMichael No. 46 w/ 12.389”

Heavy Gun Overall
William Wittman No. 16
Baron Graham No. 31
Robert McMichael No. 43

Heavy Gun Score
William Wittman No. 7 w/ 89.500
Robert McMichael No. 35 w/ 81.500
Baron Graham No. 40 w/ 80.500

Heavy Gun Group
Baron Graham No.21 w/ 13.120”
William Wittman No. 25 w/ 14.023”
Robert McMichael No. 45 w/ 19.504”

Me on Light Gun

William on Heavy Gun

Robert on Heavy Gun

Me setting up for Heavy Gun

My wood for LG Overall, LG Group, LG Score No.3 and Overall No.9

Williams wood for HG No. 7 and Patches for Top 20 Finishes in Heavy Gun and Overall.

We are still waiting on the Equipment list to be generated.

Enjoy Baron Graham

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WOW!! That is about all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:2tup: :clap: :awesome: :bravo: :10:

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Thanks for all of the Congrats! The prizes were not nearly as good as we expected them to be. The 2 Gun Champ got a Nightforce 12-42 BR and I got a 6.5x20x50mm Leupy Target. Those were the only two scopes they had. No Actions! X-Ring, you know that William had a good time. He really had a good showing for his first BR Match. He could not get over all of the Barrel Cleaning that was going on. William was using his F-Class skills and holding off or waiting for his shots. He shot his 6.5x284 that Alton chambered for him to shoot in Heavy Gun. I on the other hand can’t read the wind. I just shot my strings as fast as I could. It works for me. My Heavy Gun is not and really never shot as well as I think it should. I will either order another Barrel Blank or ask if Alton can cut an inch off and re-crown it.
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