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Mississippi Fireamrs Permit Photo question

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I have a 4x8 face photo but do i need to get a wallet sized photo? I have looked all over the sight for dimensions and dont want to show up with the wrong photo needed because it is a looong drive... Anyone with any insight into this?
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My wife took mine and I took hers today (she's going tomorrow) - just shots with a digital camera printed on the printer.
bump to top, I'll be sending mine in shortly, wanna keep this post handy.......
My wife just got back from turning in her application and everything was just fine using a black and white digital camera photo and printing it on our printer. This was in Jackson, and the whole process took her 20 minutes.
My original and my re-up were just printed on a comp printer on photo paper. No problem.
Instead of spending $10-$15 on a passport photo, I spent ten cents on a print of a self shot and cut to fit....
I just stopped by wally world on the way to the HP station and got a passport photo. They took my picture there and they also gave me a new DL (for free) since the one I had was peeling off pretty badly. They were all pretty nice there.The downside is that I was rather sick that day and I look like hell on both my FP and DL I'm going to at least shave next time.They used the pic they took there, I dont understand why they make you take a picture when they have the stuff there.

They also printed my permit right there and showed it to me. I remember thinking how mean it was of them to tease me with it when I had to wait a month and a half to carry.
Yeah but the folks working there (Jackson) are much nicer than they were 5 years ago.

Back then they seemed to resent folks getting CCW permits.

Last time I went in for a renewal they were joking and kidding with me.
I didn't take a photo with mine, I just went up there and they took their own photo. Probably best to take one though with everyone getting strict and all.
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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