Mississippi Man Wrongfully Terminated For Gun In Car

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    The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Robert Swindol v. Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation found that state the Magnolia State’s 2006 law against the prohibition of the storage of legal firearms on employers’ property overrules Mississippi’s 150-year at-will employment statutes.

    Court: Man wrongfully terminated for having gun in vehicle at work
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    Good case law. Hope he gets some decent money out of them.

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    I hope he ends up OWNING the company that fired him and goes on to
    let all the slime balls involved in firing him, be shown out the door by
    security in a perp walk.
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  4. rigrat

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    So does this mean a employer can not fire you for having a gun in your vehicle?
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    In Mississippi, yes.

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    Byram, MS
    Be careful -- the facts / evidence of record will dictate the outcome ...... every case has its own twists and turns .....
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    Might be a good idea to contact an attorney and have him send a letter to your employer advising them of the case law and that their policy is superceded by State law and therefore illegal.
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    It is my understanding (I slept in a Holiday Inn last night) that although Mississippi is an "at will state" that you cannot be terminated for an illegal reason (much better to give no reason). Also that if the parkinglot in question is fully gated and fenced they can in fact enforce a no firearms policy.

    Again I'm only an "Internet lawyer" so my degree is questionable at best. :)
  9. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^
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    Swindol indicted for child porn, now free on $50,000.00 bond.
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    Yeah I saw that in paper today.
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    I work across the street from Aurora and have pulled into their parking lot to take a phone call. It was not gated.
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    The very similar case of Parker v Leaf River goes to trial on damages September 5 in Hattiesburg. We have already won on liability so the only question is how much they have to pay.
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    Since the case against Aurora, not saying it was a turning point, but around that time my company reversed their no firearms left in vehicles policy. They are within the confines of the law because we are fenced in with gates and "security" officers if they wanted to keep it the way it was but we're glad they changed the policy.
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    For those interested, Mr. Parker's case settled. The terms of the settlement are confidential. I am pleased with the resolution of this case.
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    I understand the reasons for settlement confidentiality, but I have to wonder if it was enough to provide a deterrence to other companies choosing to stifle a citizens civil rights. In other words, how would they know, why would they care?
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  18. gunluvinatty

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    If you find someone who is the victim of a violation of 45-9-55 send them my way. Culpable defendants will pay.

    Remember that the law prohibits the establishment or maintenance of a policy - not just firing an employee. If the company policy is contrary to law there does not have to be a termination for a violation to be prosecuted.
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    Where I work, the policy was changed from no firearms or weapons of any kind on company property to....no firearms or weapons in unauthorized areas. Since they did not define what the authorized areas are, I pre-emptively decided my desk drawer, my right front pocket and my right hip are all authorized areas.
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    Ours changed from no firearms allowed on site to they must be left in your vehicle out of plain sight and secured by the vehicle's door locks or in a lockable compartment. (For those who drive Jeeps and take the doors off.) We do have a manned gate and perimeter fence and are within their right to disallow them but we're thankful they decided to change it anyhow.
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