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    On a trip to Jackson the other day we stopped in and visited the new Museum of Mississippi History, which is in the same building with the equally new Civil Rights Museum. They share a common entrance, which not only displays a "No Weapons" sign, but also has a metal detector just inside the entrance. What gives? Are we not allowed self-defense in state buildings?

    I had left my pistol in the truck as I figured it would be posted, I have a good bit of dealings with MDAH and know how they are. I did, however, forget to leave the Glock 42 extra mag in the truck so the very nice JPD guys at the door held it for me until I came back out.

    (Other than the complaint, the museum is very good. Not sure how to justify the obviously VERY expensive building when we can't fully fund the school systems, but what else is new...)
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    When I visited there was a Capitol policeman patrolling the parking garage, plus at least one more on the grounds. I didn't feel unsafe.
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    Just wondering under what statute the building can be posted.
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    Hum, good question. Need to refresh on statue.
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    Hmm so 2 policemen, wouldn't make me feel real safe unless one was following me around in case something happened. When it hits the fan if you have to wait for one to show up then you're in already to deep.
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  6. ??? Just a wild 'guess' on my part here ... ???

    "This opinion does not affect the rights of property owners or custodians as follows:

    • Private landowners may post signs or otherwise prevent carrying of onto weapons onto their private property.

    • State or local governmental entities may prohibit concealed carry by enhanced permit holders into areas posted with no weapons signage if the place is not one of the 13 enumerated places above.

    • Federal installations and buildings can prohibit the carrying of weapons regardless of these state statutes.

    The opinion likewise points out that an enhanced permit holder who carries a weapon onto property in a place not listed in the 13 places above in violation of a posted sign could be charged for criminal trespass"

    Source: Attorney General Issues Opinion to Clarify Gun Carry, dtd December 5, 2013
    Attorney General Issues Opinion to Clarify Gun Carry |
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    Yes but it was originally meant that they could carry anywhere except the 3 listed places off limits with a enhanced permit. The AG in his biased Democratic opinion shot the true intent of the law down.
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  8. ... Bless his heart!
  9. I believe that we may have a forum member or two who are members of the Mississippi legislature ... perhaps they could look into it for "clarification" although it is probably too late in the session to address it legislatively if that is the case.
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    It should pretty much nail all their butts to the wall...but sometimes the judges and such are like jello...
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    Most likely is that the Museum also hosts school tours, which would make it a school zone. Or at least they'd use that excuse. All they'd have to do is designate one room as a "Classroom". I've seen that done before elsewhere.
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    It has a classroom already.
    "The Museum of Mississippi History is a world-class facility where you and your students will explore 15,000 years of Mississippi’s past. The museum showcases hundreds of artifacts and features a modern classroom outfitted for educational activities. Interactive exhibits challenge students to take a closer look at all aspects of our state’s history, and voices from our past bring history to life. Request a reservation for your school group today."
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    Yep. What I figgered. :)
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    There are weapons on display in the History side. Civil war cannon and World War era .
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    This bill might not be all ya'll are hoping for.

    "Gipson's House Bill 1083 would provide for an enhanced permit carrier who believes a prohibition or other policy on public property is afoul of state law to be able to file a complaint with the attorney general's office. The attorney general would have 30 days to investigate whether "the policy violates the letter of the law." If the agency continues with a policy deemed overstepping the law, the person could sue."
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    Put enough zeros on that lawsuit, you will get somebody's attention.
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    As this FB post states...the left is going nuts over this bill. Not sure who this 'legislator' is but I sure wish he was in more trouble than he'll acutally get into.
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