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Discussion in 'North Mississippi' started by BeauBeaux, May 21, 2017.

  1. BeauBeaux

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    Tavor Class 2017, Burnsville, MS with Lovie from Zahal
    Represented: Israel, Canada, and U.S. States of AL, PA, MO, TX, TN and MS.
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  2. Fivesuns

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  3. Lefty2Guns

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    No question Lovie would be a very pleasant to listen to all day, but can she run that gun?
    I've never heard of her or Zahal. How good was the training?
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  4. BeauBeaux

    BeauBeaux Distinguished Poster

    Since Lefty2Guns never heard of her or Zahal. That ends that.

    Thanks Fivesuns, appreciate it.
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  5. namsag

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    Vey cool! I do not own a Tavor or I would have tried to be there!

    One of these days I will have to drive up and see you BeauxBeaux!

    When I saw your thread title I thought maybe it was the name of a new Mississippi WNBA franchise! ;)
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  6. Lefty2Guns

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    Me saying that I had never heard of them was not the basis of my comment, I actually asked two honest questions. I am always interested in learning more things.
    Take care.
  7. mascott

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    Looks as if Lovie only gets to teach in the south and Canada. And of course, Israel. That is impressive
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  8. onlymaroonmatters

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    Wow. When's the next one? I'll at least rent/borrow one for it :lol3:
    Would like to have one one day for reals
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  9. At $1,749.00 ea., just skip a couple of house payments to buy one, right?

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  10. BeauBeaux

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    This class was posted here a few months in advance. If your serious, start saving your money.

    Lovie teaches the IDF way with the Tavor.

    The Tavor is the first Bullpup I was impressed with. So much so I bought one. I sell the LE version of the X95 only.
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  11. deadhead

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    I don't want to take the course, I just want to meet her.
  12. BeauBeaux

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    Got it back from the framer and cleared a place for it to hang in the shop yesterday. Students signed and was presented after their certificates were awarded.
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  13. melmerf

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    The IDF is without a doubt the best looking army in the world!