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    OK, decided to post this in its own thread so as not completely jack the militia thread.

    Found the home site for the MNG: Miss State Guard home page
    Here are the qualifications (much to my shock, they take old farts):

    n Any United States citizen ages 17 to 67 with no felony conviction, is eligible for enlistment in the Mississippi State Guard. There are restrictions, however, for people who are currently in the active or reserve military, or National Guard.

    n You will also be required to take an oath of office. However, there is no contractual obligation, between you and the Mississippi State Guard.

    n Listed above are the requirements for enlistment. There are requirements, after enlistment, to remain as a member of the Mississippi State Guard.

    n Participation is expected. Most units meet monthly or bi-monthly, usually on a Saturday. The meetings are typically for training, but, they could be for other types of meetings. Meetings usually last most of the day.

    n There are several emergency management training courses that you take online. These courses are done at your leisure, but, they do have required completion timelines.

    n Commissioned officers are required to either be a previously, commissioned officer in the armed forces of the United States, or posses the skills, education, and experience needed to perform the duties of the assigned position. All officer candidates, not previously commissioned, must posses a bachelor’s degree, from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning. All officers who are not a previously commissioned officer of the armed forces of the United States must complete an Officer’s Candidates School, within one year of commissioning, or prior to commissioning.

    n The Mississippi State Guard is a self-funded, self-equipment, fully voluntary military unit, therefore, you are required to purchase your uniform and personal equipment needed, before you are deployed.

    n Upon enlistment, you must me willing to deploy, when called upon by The Adjutant General, in times of emergency. When called up for State Active Duty, you will be paid a daily allowance and mileage.

    n When on duty, you are required meet military grooming standards, military code of conduct, and render all military honors and recognitions, to those appointed above you.

    n Upon enlistment, you are required to obey the orders of the officers appointed over you, and, to carry out your duties, as assigned.


    Looks like I could actually have a shot at being a "commissioned officer". Now that's a surprise too. I have a degree and lots of "leadership" experience. I also have experience with the Boy Scouts as a Scout Master if that makes any diff....

    Actually looks kinda good - they are primarily a "disaster relief" org - which is very good - and needless to say, needed. I don't know if this means taking up arms at some piont - like SHTF but I suppose so?

    Anybody here a member of the MSG? If so, what have your experiences been?
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    Nobody here a member? I would have thought somebody would be...
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    Heck, I hate to display my ignorance, but I've lived in Mississippi for 59 of my 65 years and this is the first time I ever even heard of the Mississippi State Guard.
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    Not surprising, not many people have, wasn't until I read about some of the other state's State Guard a few years ago that I found out Mississippi did.

    All States and Puerto Rico are authorized by the law to have State Defense Force. 28 State don't have a State Guard. Most just have Army units, 8 States have naval units and I don't no how many have air units but I do know Texas has air force units.


    From their website:
    "The Mississippi State Guard was initially established as the Home Guard by executive order in 1941, during World War II, after the Mississippi National Guard units were called to federal active duty. In 1986, when the United States Army adopted the "Total Force Concept" in which the National Guard of all states are trained as, and considered an integral part of, the active duty forces of the United States military (though remaining under State control unless activated to Federal Service), the MSSG was re-activated and reorganized as a cadre force to augment the state's National Guard Forces as necessary in the event of their federal deployment. U.S. Code, Title 32, Section 109, authorized the states to organize a State Defense Force (SDF) as provided by its laws. The Mississippi Code of 1972, Chapter 5, paragraph 33-5-1 thru 33-5-53 authorizes the establishment of the Mississippi State Guard."
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    :lol3: I forgot about arguing with Donna Ladd and the other Dimwit Nutcases at the JFP about the State Guard. Have to keep an eye on the enemy and set them straight every once and a while. :lol4: She banned me and called me a racist because I posted " I think blacks scream racism a little to often" :scratch: and moderates all my comments now, if they prove her wrong or anyone else she seems to forget to allow them to be posted.
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    I've done a little more reading on the MSSG site and it appears that many of the members are older gents. So, I guess I'd probably fit right in :) I'd probably be one of the younger ones if the pictures they show are any indication.

    The MSSG that I've seen around (easy to mistake for NG units) are middle aged guys - I've seen them when they're transporting stuff - or at least, they're in army trucks. Seen them stopped to eat lunch, etc. - while I'm working. I'm in the food service business (sell cajun foods) and so, I'm often out and about during the day calling on customers and driving around myself.
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    While not a fan of the JFP if the statement is true that their arms were confiscated and they left, it would seem there should be a lawsuit one way or the other to substantiate this story. It also seems they aren't very effective if they were disarmed and asked to leave
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    This would be somewhat complicated. If the were ordered to state active duty they would be subject to MCMJ (Mississippi Code of Military Justice). While activated they are required to follow the Use of Force rules issued by the Adjutant General and they can only be armed if authorized by the governor.

    With that said I was deployed to Iraq during Katrina but I have heard several folks in the know talk about this incident. They were not authorized to be armed. I'm not sure the legality of the confiscation, but they were disobeying the orders of the governor.

    I have deployed to Bay St Louis and Waveland for Gustav and Isaac. My unit was not authorized to carry weapons and I never felt the need (leaving out the personal protection argument). I'm actually glad we don't usually because we are there to assist in relief operations and not in law enforcement.

    So those guys were in the wrong, but I don't know that the incident should be indicative of the entire state guard. I have had very little interaction with them aide from just seeing them around the state HQ from time to time.
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    It sounds like a good idea. I suppose there is always the possibility of a blue falcon or Rambo-wanna-be messing things up or the State Guard could roll into an area to help, but the locals don't have a clue who they are.
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    Wierd stuff. You'd think that people would know more about the MSSG with all of the natural disasters that we've had in the past years.

    I have to say though, I don't recall the reporting mentioning anything about them - only NG...

    I wouldn't expect the Gov to authorize arms in anything but a real SHTF situation where they'd likely need them.

    I wonder how a carry permit and carrying conceals plays in while serving in a relief effort - I can see where it would be wise to have such given some of the dicey situations that you can run into - like looters and such...
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    Hey! I am an active member of the MSSG and can answer most if not all questions you have.

    I know this is an old forum but if you are still interested I can put you in contact with our recruiting office.

    Katrina was a massive cluster **** as imagined. We are just building our selves back up the level of training we had before then. During Katrina when SHTF a brigade in the guard self-armed themselves out of armory after being shot by locals while securing an LZ for Medflight copters.
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    You talking about Whitten? Thought the sheriff down there took their weapons?
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    This is all hear say because i was not a part of the guard at that time but my Cheif was and told me the story. We (the guard) got a call from a helocpter med flight crew that needed help securing an LZ. that they were getting shot at from people on the ground. The crime rate at this time was sky high so this was completely believable and with no issued guns some guys aquired their own guns and went to help. Someone told someone else and since we had non issued guns adn that is againts the goveners orders so we got shut down indefinintly.
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    So the regulated militia can have no guns?
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    There is exactly zero chance that I’d go towards a disaster, unarmed.
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    Just what I was thinking. And what good is a State Guard that is unarmed?
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    Sounds like a local version of the peace corps.
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    The state guard can only carry guns if the governor of MS tells us that we can have them.
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    basically, just extra hands to fill sandbags. and park cars