Mississippi: Urge Your Lawmakers to Support Pro-Carry Legislation (2018 Session)

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  1. NRA-ILA | Mississippi: Urge Your Lawmakers to Support Pro-Carry Legislation

    Sponsored by Judiciary B Chairman, Representative Andy Gipson, House Bill 1083 seeks to clarify the original intent of Mississippi's enhanced carry permit law and close loopholes that governmental entities have created to wrongly prohibit permit holders on their premises. Please contact your state Representative and politely urge them to support HB 1083.

    Mississippi’s enhanced carry permit law was created in 2011, the result of an NRA-backed amendment successfully authored by Reps. Philip Gunn, Greg Snowden and Mark Formby to House Bill 506 – a bill dealing with the carrying of firearms by prosecutors. The intent and purpose of the amendment was to allow concealed pistol permit holders to complete certain training requirements and be able to protect themselves in locations that were otherwise off-limits under the original concealed carry law (except courtrooms, police stations or jails, and places of nuisance.) In other words, HB 506 as amended was designed to eliminate “gun-free” zones for law-abiding citizens with an enhanced endorsement on their permits.

    Obtaining an enhanced carry endorsement for a concealed pistol permit involves completion of a minimum of 8 hours of classroom and live-fire range instruction from a DPS-approved instructor, including a review of the legal requirements of concealed carry in Mississippi and laws relating to the use of deadly force. Enhanced endorsements on permits are valid indefinitely, though the permit itself must be renewed every five years. People invest the additional time and money to obtain this training, so that they can protect themselves in more places -- including locations which have proven to be soft-targets for criminals and perpetrators of mass shootings.

    In 2017, the Mississippi Attorney General’s office issued an opinion which turned this law on its head, ruling that controllers of public property could restrict enhanced carry permit holders in additional locations – far beyond the areas HB 506 specified they could still not carry. This is not what firearm instructors, enhanced carry permit holders or legislative supporters have believed the law to be for the last 5+ years. Chairman Gipson's bill, HB 1083, would remedy this situation and clarify the original intent of the enhanced carry permit law. It would also make clear that rules and policies adopted by controllers of public property that conflict with the law have no force and effect.

    Again, please contact your state Representative and politely urge them to support HB 1083.
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    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    Will Do. But, that being said, john Horne is my senator, so I don't see that doing a whole hell of a lot of good.
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  3. bucmeister

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    As of this morning, 1-31-2018, HB 1083 is on the list of Bills Not Dead so I guess it has survived the first deadline which bills being reported out of committee in the house of origination. This LEGISLATION DEADLINE SCHEDULE will give a heads up on the critical dates for bills to survive.
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  4. RDRJR

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    Apparently it passed the house and got the attention of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). They were talking about it today on Head To Head. What little I heard if stadiums are not exempted SEC teams may not come to play. Supposed to talk more about it tomorrow.
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  5. stewbaby

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    Boo hoo SEC needs safe space. Just liberal bullying.


    94LEVERFAN Distinguished Poster

    What a wussy.
  7. Blondie70

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    I thanked my Rep and have asked my Senator to support it.
  8. DCriswell

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    The gun owner's in Mississippi need to realize that there is a direct assault happening against our rights. We defeated an amendment in the House that would add universities and specifically any stadium or arena to the list of enhanced permit prohibited areas. I expect that amendment to come back in the Senate. The hope will be that the amendment will make it into the bill without gun owner's noticing. (they think we are all stupid) Please stay vigilant during this process and make sure all senators know that a vote for anything that takes away a right is a vote that will send them home next election. You can email every representative and senator at once by using these email addresses; representatives@house.ms.gov and senators@senate.ms.gov
  9. DCriswell

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    Oh say it nicely because these folks get their feelings hurt easily
  10. rebel4ever

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    Chuck Younger <CYounger@senate.ms.gov>
    To:Gary S
    Feb 10 at 11:38 AM
    I’m a lifelong NRA member, but there are places that guns don’t mix in public, Courthouses, College football games(where there is alcohol and students arguing), hospital emergency rooms! I understand that the only thing better than a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, but it’s gotten crazy!
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  11. righttoown

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    So how are you going to stop the thugs that bring guns and don't give a sh!tt about the laws?
  12. bar306

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    IMOP - this is a Crazy as He$$ response.
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  13. rigrat

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    Guess we need to outlaw guns at local diners then like Outback, the rest of the steak houses, Applebee's and gee any restaurant that serves alcohol. SMH at the idiots and snowflakes that are clueless. Still waiting to show me where it says in the 2A that there is supposed to be restrictions on carry.
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  14. Mesquite

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    Ban alcohol then, :warning:.most students won't be of age to have CCW.
    Bubble heads on SuperTalk spouting" yeah bubba goina be shooting up stadiums during terrorist attacks ".
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  15. rigrat

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    Absolutely ban alcohol and that solves the problem of their fears of a drunk shooting up the place.

    Same stupid reasoning they used when concealed carry was passed and when open carry started. Oh the streets will run red with blood , young people will get mad and start shooting people they are arguing with. Didn't happen then either.
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  16. Jarhead5811

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    Sounds like Mr. Younger is functionally retarded.
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  17. rigrat

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  18. RDRJR

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    Used the link for Senators for the following.
    Support for HB1083
    I would like to register my support for adding teeth to the concealed carry laws you have previously passed. That is all HB1083 does. The Attorney General has tried to neuter the Enhanced Carry with his opinions. Y'all need to set him straight by passing HB1083 in its current form. Thank You RDRJR
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  19. DCriswell

    DCriswell Distinguished Poster

    The argument on SuperTalk the other day was that guns should be banned in stadiums because of the number of people. The statement made was "in a place where there are so many people its ridiculous to bring a gun". My question for that logic would be how many people is too big? Is it anything over 60,000? what about 30,000 or 1,000? They can't and won't draw a line because they want it left open for their interpretation. These folks are fishing around for an argument that will stick. Oh, how much money does SuperTalk or an affiliate station make off of college ballgames? They will be happy to trade our rights for their profit
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