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MKM '03 Rifle

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I was just looking at my Grandfathers military records (WWII Vet) and under Qualifications it says MKM '03 Rifle. My question is whats a MKM '03 Rifle?
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Now I am thinking. MKM=Marksman. So what 03 rifle was he using?
Looking further I see he was also qualified Marksman on the M 1917 Rifle and the M1 Rifle.
M 1903, M1917 and M1 Garand Record

Here is his record showing he qualified with all three weapons. About 1/4 way down on the right you see next to Combat Infantry Badge he qualed Marksman with the '03 Rifle, then near the bottom you can see where he qualed with the M1917 and the M1 Garand.

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Yes, he only fought with the 66th for three months, from Feb. 45 to the end of the war and was released from service in December. From June 44 to January 45 he was with a different unit and fought through the Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes and Rhineland Campaigns where he was wounded and sent back to france. (His Purple Heart isnt on there, I recently had to send a records correction to MPRC) and his Bronze Star came on a different set of papers. ANyway after he was wounded he was sent to a field hospital in France and after recuperating was reassigned to the 66th. My guess on the rifles would be that since he qualified with all three he probably ended up landing in france with the Garand since every documentary, movie and picture I have seen of troops landing in France in 44, they are all carrying the Garand. Havent seen any of the other rifles. As for their Occupation duty, that lasted only a few weeks. They were then sent to Southern France and set up as an admin division and prepared returning units for the invasion of Japan doing physicals, training, and recreation. They had set up swimming beaches, movie theaters, hospitals, training areas, ranges, and everything else that it took to prepare 500,000 men for more combat.
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The troops who fought in Europe didnt fight in the Pacific. However they were being prepared and moved out for the invasion of Japan. Most of the troops who were in Europe at the close of the war in Europe were slated to be part of the Invasion force in Japan. Most were going to be filler, however the 1st Army (15 Divisions) and the Eighth Air Force were coming from Europe as a whole.
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