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Re: MOA stainless 10/22 receiver

trapperb said:
I had it ordered from Brownells.They will refund but! I first contacted MOA,Mr.Mertz was reluctant to believe what I told him but said send it to him and he'd see what he could do.It took a month to get it back and all he did was weld up front hole and redrilled and threaded it,said the scope would probably adjust enough to make up for holes off center!Also said he didn't have any in stock that were any better! Finally get it back and go to shoot- it would not cycle dependably! It was shaving the bullets heavily and or jamming!Call MM back, suggest cutting about .030 from chamber end of barrel!Insted I machined 3 different SS shims to fit barrel.This still did not work! It would feed better but would jam because the empty casing wouldn't eject all the way clear!Finally I took both receivers and shot with each one(original cycles great) and compared casings. Found the firing pin is not striking as solid with the MOA, this makes me think the barrel(chamber)doesn't line up correctly with the bolt! Any suggestions??
You got more patience than me!! It would already be back a Brownell's along with a nasty note about the product!!
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