More "heavy barrel" 4" S&W Model 10 "NY DC" revolvers... from AIM Surplus...

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by Cliff731, May 4, 2018.

  1. Cliff731

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    Here ya go... for those who missed out on the recent availability of said "surplus NY DC" 4" "heavy barrel" S&W Model 10 revolvers at that gunstore on the Gulf Coast... :) :cool:

    Smith & Wesson 10 .38spl Heavy Barrel Revolver

    The collective photos are rewarding just to see the specific markings applied to these! ;)

    Starting at $299.95 + shipping for standard grade! Select grade is $329.95 + shipping... add $10.00 for "hand pick - best of 5"... :)

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  2. Cliff731

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    My good friend @patchz says the "heavy barrel" S&W K-frames are the better choice for "target shooting"... therefore I must own one someday!!! :) :cool:
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  3. DEADEYE 1

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    I wonder how many that they have to sale?? It said that they were out of the select guns but you could still get a select pick in best of 5. Is this a pretty good place to deal with? I own 2 Model 10s but would buy some more in the future. This was probably one of the best revolvers that Smith & Wesson ever made.They are fairly light in weight, even the heavy barrel would not be a burden to tote for hours in a good holster.
    Although I also collect semi- autos, my first love is revolvers. My saying to friends is this;
    If I can,t hit what I am shooting at in 6 shots, I might as well throw the gun at the animal or man and run.;)
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    I've always had good experience with AIM, both with C&R firearms and ammunition and accessories.
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    247 left at this time.
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    2 hours later it's saying 203 left...
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    Going fast these Model 10 revolvers are... ;)
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    163 left
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