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Mosin buying questions

Discussion in 'Mil-Surp/C&R/Black Powder' started by achancesw, May 14, 2017.

  1. achancesw

    achancesw Distinguished Poster

    Reading the sticky, I was reminded that I need to add one to my collection. There are even a few available locally.

    Is there a guide of what to look for and how much to pay? Which ones are desired and which are to be avoided?

    Local rifles seem to be around $200-$300
  2. Rw

    Rw Moderator Staff Member

    Best thing i can tell you is to go read all you can, way too many variables and intricacies to type out here. is the best place to start
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  3. Scharfschütze

    Scharfschütze Waffennarr

    For a guide to Finns from the Winter War, see Doug Bowser's Rifles of the White Death. This is cited several times in the 2-volume work by Karl-Heinz Wrobel, Drei Linien-Die Gewehre Mosin Nagant. This 2 volume set is a German language reference work for collectors with photographs of virtually every MN rifle known to exist. Extensive explanations of all proof marks, stock marks, and accessories. I have the set & consult it whenever someone asks me a question about an MN for which I do not know the answer.
    Doug is a member of this forum and lives in McComb if you wish to contact him to purchase a copy of his book. Send me a PM if you wish to contact him directly.
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