Mr Fordpkup

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  1. para40

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    Lamar Co.
    Just called to say he is in the hospital with a collapsed lung.
    He sounded good and conversation was flowing smoothly until the drugs kicked in.
    Offer up a prayer if you're so inclined for a good man.
  2. Sum Gy Custom Firearms

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    Praying for a very good friend and strong man!!!

  3. Cliff731

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    My prayers for Fordpkup and his family... may our Lord watch over him and heal this man.
  4. Quickeye

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    In February,after a protracted battle with the VA, his appeal made it all the way to Washington, DC, and he won! We share a bond that only Vietnam Veterans can understand, and after fighting a war there and another here, with and against the bureaucracy he won and this should be a glorious time for him.
    It is tough to hear that he's in trouble yet again.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers, Ford. It ain't nuthin', Bro.
  5. TwangBanger

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    Prayers for Mr. Fordpickup . . .
  6. Leadburner

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  7. righttoown

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    Prayers for Mr Ford
  8. Leonidas

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  9. Hang Tough Mr Ford, My prayers are with you
  10. mascott

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    Prayers sent. Get well soon Mr. ford.
  11. Mesquite

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    THANKS for sharing Para40, prayers given.
  12. Ditto , thanks Bill .

    We all have "our"... battles , may "Ford" persevere and overcome one more . Prayers and positive thoughts sent .
  13. para40

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    Lamar Co.
    a lot of folks do not realise this.
  14. Jeff700

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    North MS
    Prayers for this man's healing