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MRP - Wins The Day In Five Shot Group

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I went to the range to put my load work for my Savage 116FHSS 300Win Mag to a final test by shooting five shot groups. I adjusted the OAL from 3.340" to 3.3195" The bullet used is a 180gr TTSX. The brass is Winchester brass with CCI250 primers. There were three powders that produced the best three shot groups and highest velocities out of 7 powders tested last week. The three powders tested today shooting five shot groups were RL-22, W-760 and MRP. MRP was by far the best performer in a five shot test as the target indicates below and the velocities were exceptional for a 300Win Mag with this level of accuracy.

180gr TTSX, MRP, Win brass, CCI250 primers, 3075fps with an OAL of 3.3195" group size is .333"
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very nice grouping. I have used Rel22 in the past but have not tried the MRP for 300win. Looks like i should after seeing your results.
The ttsx is a barnes bullet? If so glad to see your rifle likes them, i have had mixed results with the barnes tsx, so i now shoot 180 accubonds and really like their performance.
Most bullets will be more accurate using that method and i load that way, but they still didnt perform as well as the noslarBT or accubond. Well on paper they didnt perform as well- on deer- OH DAMN they are effective. On my custom guns i have my chamber deminsions so getting thousandth off the lands is a little easier on them. I have shot a lot of rounds of the BT and it always does well i have probably shot about 200 to 300 accubonds so far but am impressed with them so far.
Savage has done a great job in listning to what the shooters are wanting and then building a very accurate gun at a good price.
They are out doing remington at a rapid pace, the last few new remingtons i have looked at have had crappy workmanship, the action to stock fit is freaking terrible on most. The savages i have seen are very well built. i am drooling over the 110ba in 338 and the 10fcp in the mcmillian stock.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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