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MRP - Wins The Day In Five Shot Group

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I went to the range to put my load work for my Savage 116FHSS 300Win Mag to a final test by shooting five shot groups. I adjusted the OAL from 3.340" to 3.3195" The bullet used is a 180gr TTSX. The brass is Winchester brass with CCI250 primers. There were three powders that produced the best three shot groups and highest velocities out of 7 powders tested last week. The three powders tested today shooting five shot groups were RL-22, W-760 and MRP. MRP was by far the best performer in a five shot test as the target indicates below and the velocities were exceptional for a 300Win Mag with this level of accuracy.

180gr TTSX, MRP, Win brass, CCI250 primers, 3075fps with an OAL of 3.3195" group size is .333"
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It is a Barnes bullet but most folks don't realize them really need a jump to the lands and if so will give great accuracy. If you will notice in my post I adjusted mine even father away from the lands than than when I did my initial testing and it improve my grouping.
Until my MRP comes in, I went a head and bit the bullet and ordered two pounds of Ramshot Magnum. reasons, 1. It is a double based spherical powder that is coated so it is not temp sensitive and should give not only 15 - 20% longer barrel life than extruded powders, but since it is not temp sensitive it will not have as much Dev as other spherical powders do - therefore being consistent in accuracy like extruded powders. 2. It is at the top of the velocity chart with Quick Load program for a 180gr TSX. 3. It is a very clean burning powder. 4. It will be easier to use as a compressed load than extruded powder. I sure hope it is as accurate as some say it is. One thing for sure I will find out pretty soon.
My Ramshot Mangum powder is suppose to come in this week and I have also received some 150gr TTSX's that I will be trying and I am confident that they will shoot well in my Savage 116FHSS because it does not seem to care what weight of bullet I use.


At 100yds this180gr TTSX five group size was .334” moving 3074fps

At 100yds this 208gr A-Max five shot group was. .528” moving 2945fps

At 100yds this 165gr Sierra G/K HPBT five shot group was .389” moving at 3245fps
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Thanks man, this Savage is a real shooter.
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