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what ya'll know about these?

My knowledge is limited... they seem to have gotten a bad rap...possibly came to market a little fast

Steyr AUG clone

I held one yesterday and fell in lust.....Super sexy gun...been thinking about it all night....That usually means a buy is in order...Only thing that bothers me is MSAR is a knife maker....knife maker doing guns...I dunno...but a Steyr AUG will run ya about $2500

Bad ass CQB gun.....

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I've heard that the primary problems with the MSAR center around those guns set up to accept M16 mags, though I've heard other things about the MSAR. I DO NOT have any first hand knowledge, and all I "know" about them has come from Internet posts. I've also read that they work great. Best idea is to so some serious research and talk to people who own them. It is seriously sexy, that's for sure.

I DO KNOW that the new USA-made Steyr AUG A3 works very, very well, so long as you stick to military ball ammo. That's all I've used in mine other than some Remington 50-grain HP promotional stuff that functioned very poorly. The can in the second photo is made by Coastal. It has a bayonet style attachment point that will fit on any .223 with a NATO standard flash hider. The sight is an EOTECH 517 A65.

Dad's Super Pawn in Gulfport has them on the rack for $2295, I believe, but if you shop around, you can find an AUG for around $1900.

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Gonzo, a friend of mine was with a couple of Federal law enforcement agencies, and they were issued the selective fire AUGS. He hated it too. You're right about the balance issue, but it grows on you. I wanted to build a suppressed .223, and the bullpup design helped keep overall length down. Putting that can on an AR makes for a very uncomfortable experience, as the muzzle gets way too heavy; the AUG is manageable, however.
Neck, my gut instinct says you'd be okay buying the MSAR. Every new production gun is going to have issues, and what I've heard negative about them wouldn't fill a coffee cup. The choice is to buy the one that takes the AUG mags or the AR mags. Just off the cuff, I'd say the one that takes the original design mags would be better. If you need a source for them at very reasonable prices, PM me.
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