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    Not exactly club related, but seemed as good a spot as any to post this thread.

    So, while I am a member here of the MS Gun Owners forums, I am not yet a member of the MS State Firearm Owners Association. I recently requested and received from my clubs secretary an application for membership to MSFOA, but before I mail it in, I wanted to try and get some questions answered.

    1. There is only a Madison, MS P.O. Box on the application. Does anyone know if the MSFOA has a website or other contact information?

    2. The application lists several different membership types and their associated fee. These include Individual(yearly), Club (Shooting or hunting), Youth Org., Corporate:Blue (whatever Blue means), Junior, Silver, Gold. Most of these are self explanatory. I am a partner in a MS LLC. Is that enough to qualify for a corporate membership? Does it differ from an Individual membership? Silver and Gold; what do you get at these membership level? Can anyone here shed some light on this subject?

    Thanks for your time.
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    @Doug Bowser is or used to be the president I believe. He hasn't been too active on here lately, but maybe someone can point you in the right direction. @Scharfschütze?

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    Captain-03 should be able to answer questions.
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    Doug is who I got the application from. I've already asked him about the Silver/Gold question. He wasn't sure.
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    MSFOA hasn´t received the participation or interest that one would think it would get as the "official" NRA State Organization. Send me a PM if you want more detail, would be glad to talk to you about it.
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    I'm an MSFOA Life Member. I joined about 10 years ago. I'm not sure that they even offer Life Memberships anymore.

    Last time I had a question, I asked @captain-03, and he was able to answer it. I think he's over the membership and records, and can probably answer any questions you have.
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    They still offer individual life for $150 and $15 for 1 year.
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