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MSGO/Magnolia R&P Club - FUN SHOOT - Camp McCain!!

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Ralph Hall, a friend from the Magnolia R&P Club, and I have been working on an opportunity to shoot the official US Army pop-up rifle qualification range located at Camp McCain. Camp McCain is just south of Grenada off I-55. Both Ralph and I have spoken with the range officer from Camp McCain and they have consented to let us have the range on Saturday, September 18th. There is a $350 cost associated with use of the range. We would have the range ALL day.

I have notified them that we would like to shoot military service weapons such as the AR-15, Garand, M1 Carbine, M1903, and M1917. I am not sure if they are going to permit anything besides the ARs, but we are giving it a try.

Due to the cost involved in securing the range, it would be helpful to know just what the interest is for such an outing. The more the interest - the less the cost per person. Please give me some feedback regarding interest. I would love to see 20+ shooters involved.

This will be FUN – I guarantee it!! You will engage pop-up silhouette targets at ranges from 25M to 300M. Since we will have the range ALL day, you will surely have the opportunity to shoot as much as you desire!! Do not worry if you do not have a "suitable" rifle. There will be extra ARs there and if they permit, extra Garands, M1 Carbines, 1903s, and M1917. For those of you who have not shot a military qualification course, this will give you an opportunity to see what is involved.

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msshooter said:
Count me in! I've got a couple of buddies who will probably also be interested. I'll post again once I talk to them and find out how many.
You mean you got shooting buddies that have NOT signed up with MSGO!! Shame on you!! :lol:

Spoke with Range Control again today about the type weapons we can use. Got clearance to use the ARs (.223), Garand, M1903, M1917 (30.06).

Range Control wanted to know the ammo manufacture, bullet weight, and bullet diameter so they could build the correct buffer zone. We agreed that when using the Garand, M1903, M1917, we will use milsurp M-2 Ball (Lake City & HXP). Most of us Garand shooters have a pretty good supply of this stuff. Also, if necessary, we may make a road trip to the CMP South Store and pick up some more if there is a big interest in shooting these vintage weapons.

AR ammo could be a problem. I advised Range Control that most all our AR shooters are handloaders and load their own ammo. I did tell them that most loaders use a 55-69 grain bullets pushing them between 2700 - 3200fps. They are to get back with me regarding the use of reloads on the range.

We can draw the range at 0700 and being shooting at 0800. We must stop firing at 1630. We will actually have full control of the range and we will be responsible for running it, providing safety personnel, medical personnel on site, and clearing the range when completed.

I was not able to talk today with the person responsible for the medical on-site range requirements. I do know that we will have to provide medical support on the range while the range is HOT. Anyone know a doctor who likes to shoot and would like to come? We need a medic!! ALL ACTIVITIES WILL BE FREE FOR THEM!!

I am to comfirm with them tomorrow the Sept 18th date. As of this afternoon, Sept 18th was available. Hope to tie that date down tomorrow. (Got to fill out a bunch of forms and email them to Range Contol tomorrow before they and guarantee the date for us.)

We may have to limit the number of participants so get your name on the list as soon as you can!! I have started a "sticky" where I will keep a running list of those of you who wish to participate.

It our desire to make this a FUN but SAFE outing and hopefully we can make this a yearly or semi-yearly event.
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Scharfschuetze said:
...What is the protocol for bringing our firearms on base? Are we going to have to have them cased or locked in a particular way in order to bring them onto the base? I know military bases are very picky about people carrying weapons, I would hate to get up there and not be allowed on base.
If I remember correctly, the ranges are actually outside the fenced area ... and outside the security area. However, we will publish the protocol after our site visit.
msshooter said:
Will an AR10 .308 be allowed?
At this point "No."; however, that is subject to change. The real problem we have is not one of weapon type - but one of ammo being used. They need to know the exact type of ammo to be used so they can build a safety fan around the range. I was able to get the Garand, M1903, M1917 approved by committing to using only M-2 ball ammo in all three of the weapons.

It is my desire (currently) to make this a event we can do once of twice a year. I think we may need to limit weapon types this first time around .... however, we will discuss the issue in more depth when we actually meet with Range Control on our site visit.

There will be 16 active firing positions on the range we will be using.

Housekeeping Note: I have and will delete some of the post to this thread that only add name to the participant list. I will add the name to the list and then delete the post. This will help us navigate this thread as it grows longer and longer!!
msshooter said:
Any new details?
No new details ... I plan on scheduling a site visit sometime week after next week if possible. Want to coordinate with SGF and Ralph Hall in that they expressed an interest in going.

Have not heard back from the range officer on reloads for the ARs .. I do not expect it to be a problem; however, it could be ...

I did submit the OFFICIAL request for the range and was told at the time I submitted it, the range was available. Also, they have another pop-up range and I listed it as our second choice.
OK guys -- as with any dealing with the government, there have been a couple of snags to work through .... Got confirmation last week that we had been approved for Range #5 at Camp McCain; however, this is not the range we requested!! After a couple of emails, I got a call yesterday afternoon from CPT Austin from Range Control and he briefed me on the problem. Seems that the range we requested (Range #2 or Range 2A) limits us to firing 5.56 (.223). I again expressed our desire to shoot 5.56 (.223), 30.06, 30Cal Carbine, and .308. He got back with me this morning and advised me that we can only shoot .556 (.223) on Ranges 2 and 2A; however, we can shoot any of the desired calibers on Range #5. Range #5 is a pop-up range and actually goes out to 600 meters. The only problem with Range #5 is that it only has 4 firing lanes so only 4 shooters can shoot at a time. Currently we have 30 individuals signed up to come to McCain ... at 30 minutes per relay it would take 6+ hours to put everyone through ...

Here are our options:

1. Schedule range 2 or 2A and we will only be able to fire 5.56 (.223) - this range has 16 firing positons with targets out to 300 meters. Will permit everyone the opporutnity to shoot about all they desire. (*We may be able to use the .30Cal Carbine on Range 2 or 2A - checking on this).

2. Schedule Range 5 and shoot any of the above calibers we desire out to 600 meters. Only 4 firing positions and firing will be limited due to number of participants.

3. Schedule both Range 2/2A and #5 and have the best of both worlds!! However, the range fee will double from $350 to $700. We will also need an additional medic on site.

Currently, I am leaning towards option 1 above for our first shoot - maybe later on this year we can schedule Range #5 for the heavier stuff ... want your feedback!! I need to let them know something by tomorrow afternoon.

Don't worry if you do not have an AR - just bring the ammo .... there will be ARs available to shoot ...
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SubGunFan said:
...Shoe, borrowing an AR will NOT be a problem.
There should be plenty of ARs available -- I will bring 4.
ree_countrygirl said:
dont have an ar but i plan to be there around lunch time, got ptk stuff to do that morning that i cant get out of... would love to shoot if i can borrow a gun but if it would work out for better for everyone else i'd be perfectly happy with option 3 and just getting enjoy seein everyone... do i need to let ya'll know who will be with me even if they arent shooting?
No problem with an AR -- there will be some there ... would suggest you get some ammo or there will be some there for purchase ....

Just need to know who the shooters will be!! Again, I look forward to seeing you again!!
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