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MSGO/Magnolia R&P Club - FUN SHOOT - Camp McCain!!

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Ralph Hall, a friend from the Magnolia R&P Club, and I have been working on an opportunity to shoot the official US Army pop-up rifle qualification range located at Camp McCain. Camp McCain is just south of Grenada off I-55. Both Ralph and I have spoken with the range officer from Camp McCain and they have consented to let us have the range on Saturday, September 18th. There is a $350 cost associated with use of the range. We would have the range ALL day.

I have notified them that we would like to shoot military service weapons such as the AR-15, Garand, M1 Carbine, M1903, and M1917. I am not sure if they are going to permit anything besides the ARs, but we are giving it a try.

Due to the cost involved in securing the range, it would be helpful to know just what the interest is for such an outing. The more the interest - the less the cost per person. Please give me some feedback regarding interest. I would love to see 20+ shooters involved.

This will be FUN – I guarantee it!! You will engage pop-up silhouette targets at ranges from 25M to 300M. Since we will have the range ALL day, you will surely have the opportunity to shoot as much as you desire!! Do not worry if you do not have a "suitable" rifle. There will be extra ARs there and if they permit, extra Garands, M1 Carbines, 1903s, and M1917. For those of you who have not shot a military qualification course, this will give you an opportunity to see what is involved.

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thats close to home!!!!
gotta check the date with dad but im 99.999999% sure i'll be there!!!
cant wait to see everyone! and i'm more than willing to do my part in the cost. may have a few ppl with me. gotta check with my parents and boyfriend

ok so i just checked my email and i have ptk leadership training that day. how late will we have the range at camp mccain? hoping i can atleast make the second half of the shoot :pale:
being an officer and all of the #1 chapter in the world i have to be there UGH
dont have an ar but i plan to be there around lunch time, got ptk stuff to do that morning that i cant get out of... would love to shoot if i can borrow a gun but if it would work out for better for everyone else i'd be perfectly happy with option 3 and just getting enjoy seein everyone... do i need to let ya'll know who will be with me even if they arent shooting?
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