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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Sam Conway, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Sam Conway

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    “ASE” Range Bag $50.00 for all MSGO Members only. All colors shown are available. Will deliver to you within 50 miles of Biloxi or ship for $15.00 additional charge. Dimensions are 25x 15x 11 overall size. Front pouch holds 8 double stack (Glock, Sig etc) or 16 1911 magazines. The bottom of the bag is WATER PROOF. There are 4 additional outside pockets for storage of tools, cell phone, wallet, pens, etc. or 912-269-2783 to order. Group 1.JPG
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  2. Duts87ss

    Duts87ss Distinguished Poster

    Is this deal still good?

  3. lazi

    lazi Distinguished Poster

    Not much info but with a little research it seems this is a good deal. One poster mentions these are a good deal at $100. There is also what appears to be a short YouTube video but I haven't watched it.

    My guess is the seller got an inventory "closeout" deal and is passing some of the savings along. I used to do this a lot when I was in sales. It makes for some killer deals on stuff that at one time would've cost folks a lot more.

    Afraid I don't need a range bag though...
  4. Duts87ss

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    Sorry I never got back with you. I'd like to take two in red if they're available. Could i meet you somewhere one afternoon this week? I live in Ocean Springs.
  5. mascott

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    If it was closer I would take 2