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    Anybody try the mtech line of knives? If hso how did they hold up?
  2. Like most Chinese made knives, I'm sure they are hit or miss. I have found that Chinese made knives have hard and soft spots on the edge. Also, I occasionally find that a knife is made running the grain of the steel the wrong direction, making it impossible to properly sharpen. Looking at them, for the money, I say, not much to lose.

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    I've bought a bunch of them just to have. My orders were always short of free shipping so I started ordering them and got the shipping. I will probably never use them but some of them look good.
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    I have had some very good knives from Frost and different makes that were made in China or Taiwan. Most guys that use knives for work knives or skinners also know how to touch up edges. I have actually given some Frost folding Hunters away as gifts and warned my friends that they were sharp. Later they have told me that I cut my finger the first time that I used the knife. You were right. These knives have really improved in the last 40 years.
    When you pay 10 - 15 dollars for a knife that looks as good as a Case for 50-75 dollars more, why not give them a try. I have and I use them all the time and save my Case for a go to meeting knife.
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    I had many, my favorite one is the M-tech Andromeda. They cost usually $5-$12, the design is always nice. The blade quality is ok, just don't expect Benchmade quality. For an average 8 dollars, you can't really go wrong with them.