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my 200yd 22lr test

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Since i woke up late and couldnt make the practice match i went out to the farm and blasted some steel and paper all day.

Wooden target is at 100yds and my truck is somewhere back there at 200yds.

I checked Zero at 100yds and worked it out to 200yds. SK Standard plus 1067fps -/+ 12fps in the 100rds i fired.
It took 18MOA to get it out to 200 from 100, only have 8MOA left in the scope. :(

My first 5 are in that fully looking group that zigzags, and the wind started picking up and i was just guessing and shooting. Im still pretty happy with the results.
Later on the wind got pretty bad, changing from 6oclock to 3oclock @ 10-15mph. I was having to hold 16" into the 3oclock wind.

This might help some people, its close enough to get on paper i think..
It shows 1000ft Elevation and 1050fps.. Im at 210ft and 1067fps so maybe thats why there is a 1MOA difference in the chart. 1MOA at 200yds is still on paper tho :D

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Those 1st five shots look GREAT for 200yds.

Question..... The chart lists "Target Speed" at 10MPH.... Shooting a moving target....? :)

M1GarandFan, it is not where the group is.... it is how small is the group (scope adjustment). Wolf is standard velocity and your Federal is high velocity.

So you zero at 100 and aim 3 feet high for 200........... :)

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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