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My dilemma (MSAR STG 556 vs. AR)

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So here is a quick background in to my issue and train of thought. I played competative paintball for years and if I ever got a new gun that had any issue on reliability it was gone usually within that week, lol. I bought a DPMS Panther Arms Mod A15 back in 06 and had it up until Jan of this year. The gun never had a single issue but we went to a Mobile gun show and I stumbled accorss the MSAR STG 556 (Aug Clone) and I decided to sale off the DPMS and snag an MSAR after looking online and seeing that the kinks seemed to be out of the system on the newer MSARs.

I got the MSAR last tuesday and took out to the range on Sat. Right off the bat the charging handle is way to close to the sight rail, I tore up my knuckle on both hands, lol. That is solved though I ordered a manticore charging handle extender. Then the FTF problems started. I have 5 mags for it, four 30rd mags and one 10 rnd mag. 2 of the 5 mags (both 30rnd) worked flawlessly and the other 3 were a nightmare. I looked up the mags online and it seems to be a common issue with some mags to break in and they recommended setting my gas pressure to High. So with all that I still have the nagging feeling to dump it and get another AR. Should I put more rounds through it and give it a chance or say to hell with it and get rid of it while its still practically new with only 100 rounds through it?

Is it common for other rifles to have issues like this and Im just jumping the gun (no pun intended, lol)?
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Yeah there is E4 stock upgrade for it from MSAR but I havent seen anything other than that and its expensive as hell.
The one I found was $300 the only one I saw for $200 was for the actual Steyr Aug and wont work on the MSAR
no no I did not take it that way, lol. It was more of a heartbroken thanks, lol. I was hoping for some reassurance but from what I can see and the more and more I read these things are picky and can have issues. Im trying to trade a fellow on gunbroker for another DPMS with some add ons. My only problem is that 90 rounds still is used and they want to take a ton off for that.
hmmm just read up on some interesting news. Apparently alot of the last few shipments of monarch ammo from academy are having issues which makes since. I had some older monarch ammo that I ran with some that I bought just recently. Maybe the clips with the newer ammo were apart of the crappy batches that are out there. Going to grab some quality rounds and give it another whirl.
The good part is I have 20rnds of the older rounds and 20 rounds of the newer stuff left over to test this Friday.
Thanks I look into it, should I use fine grit paper or break out the dremel?
ok, thanks. After I test this weekend if I still have load issues and it turns out not to be the ammo I will give this a try.
Just got the Manticore charging handle extension in for the MSAR and wow it makes a world of difference, no more bloody knuckles.

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Well good news on the msar problem. I took it to the range today and ran almost a hundred rounds through it of 4 different types of ammo and did not gave a single jam. I think adjusting the gas pressure to high and not packing the mags full seemed to do the trick.
Just wanted to report back again that after close to 500 rounds through the MSAR I have had 0 jams or issues. The gun has been flawless. Im really glad I stuck with it. Its really fun to shoot plus it has the "cool" factor, lol. Seriouly though Im really happy with it. Cleaning is a breeze esp since nothing gets in the trigger area and take down is a sinch.
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