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My dilemma (MSAR STG 556 vs. AR)

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So here is a quick background in to my issue and train of thought. I played competative paintball for years and if I ever got a new gun that had any issue on reliability it was gone usually within that week, lol. I bought a DPMS Panther Arms Mod A15 back in 06 and had it up until Jan of this year. The gun never had a single issue but we went to a Mobile gun show and I stumbled accorss the MSAR STG 556 (Aug Clone) and I decided to sale off the DPMS and snag an MSAR after looking online and seeing that the kinks seemed to be out of the system on the newer MSARs.

I got the MSAR last tuesday and took out to the range on Sat. Right off the bat the charging handle is way to close to the sight rail, I tore up my knuckle on both hands, lol. That is solved though I ordered a manticore charging handle extender. Then the FTF problems started. I have 5 mags for it, four 30rd mags and one 10 rnd mag. 2 of the 5 mags (both 30rnd) worked flawlessly and the other 3 were a nightmare. I looked up the mags online and it seems to be a common issue with some mags to break in and they recommended setting my gas pressure to High. So with all that I still have the nagging feeling to dump it and get another AR. Should I put more rounds through it and give it a chance or say to hell with it and get rid of it while its still practically new with only 100 rounds through it?

Is it common for other rifles to have issues like this and Im just jumping the gun (no pun intended, lol)?
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I have an MSAR that is a customers and it is a big pile of junk. It has been a problem from day one. The reason I have it is he tried to take his flash hider off to attach his suppressor to it and he broke the flash hider. He did not know that it has a left hand thread. This is what hurt me. The flash hider to replace it from MSAR was $53.00. I would dump that thing so fast it hurts!
I just read my post again and it sounds kind of jerky. I dont mean to be but I am frustrated with this gun in particular. 1 I have a cut knuckle from the sight rail. 2 I am sick of looking at it because it is like a bad nickle. I send it home and the dang thing keeps coming back.

I think that a normal AR platform would be more dependable over the long haul as well as cheaper. For the cost of the MSAR you could do an AR-15 short barreled rifle. It would be a good compromise, really cool and easily serviceable as well as dependable.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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