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My dream 1911 wad gun

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There is a great pistol shooter and gunsmith in Alabama named Jim Collins. He is a National class shooter in Police Combat and NRA Bullseye Pistol Matches. I sent a set of parts over to him and he is going to assemble and fit a 1911 wad gun for me. I had the following parts;

1. New National Match USGI slide

2. New USGI National match barrel and fitted bushing by Colt

3. A new deluxe Essex blued steel frame

4. All new USGI parts for the rest of the pistol

5. A Bo-Mar full rib with 2" extended front sight

6. USGI NM Walnut stocks and 2-Springfield magazines

The fitted pistol should group 2" with 10 shots at 50 yards with good ammo. I can't wait to get my hands on the pistol. I had a full ribbed 1911 wad gun and sold it in 1998. I have always regretted selling it. That pistol would shoot under 2" with 10 shots at 50 yards. I will furnish photos of the pistol and photos of targets fired with the pistol as soon as I can.

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