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My lil Wheelie..........

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SP101 2.25" 357

Plans are to send her to Gemini Customs for some bead blasting, hydra-porting and some trigger work....Oh yeah and moon clipped...........
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Nice, got one myself. What do they do to accept moon clips, recess the cylinder? How do those moon clips hold up. I use H&K speedloaders they hold up well. The arm doesn't swing out enough for a clean reload, kind of have to go in at an angle.
22lrfan said:
Nice gun. How's the recoil?
Kicks like a mule with hi-power .357's but you won't even notice when the rubber meets the road. Solid gun. Got several snubbies but that'd be the last one to go.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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