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My neighbor came home with this today

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Traded his Desert Eagle 45 for it. I don't know, I'm sure it's a fine weapon, but it surely seemed to me to resemble a very well made pellet pistol. He said he bought it for SD. Is that really viable? The cartridges appeared to be super sonic, at least. Sure hope I'm not in his line of fire when the SHTF. That little projectile looked like it could go through several walls without checking up. Seemed like a glorified target pistol to me. I will say he has good taste in his toys, though.:) He said it handled really well.
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the way the 5.7 kills is not buy firing a big chunk of lead. They will tumble bad once they get inside your body, 80% of the time the bullets will fragment so now you have multiple projectiles creating massive internal damage... Granted the AP rounds really punch holes in stuff, but with the fmj or the +p ballistic tips with soft lvl II armor you wont stand a chance at short ranges.

still wouldnt wanna get tagged by one.
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