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My neighbor came home with this today

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Traded his Desert Eagle 45 for it. I don't know, I'm sure it's a fine weapon, but it surely seemed to me to resemble a very well made pellet pistol. He said he bought it for SD. Is that really viable? The cartridges appeared to be super sonic, at least. Sure hope I'm not in his line of fire when the SHTF. That little projectile looked like it could go through several walls without checking up. Seemed like a glorified target pistol to me. I will say he has good taste in his toys, though.:) He said it handled really well.
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Thanks Will_M. I missed that one. Interesting discussion, for sure. Interesting gun, too, for that matter. I doubt I'll ever have one, but it's nice to know what abilities it does have, in case I have to duck one evening.:) Still not quite sure it's a viable personal defense weapon, though. Perhaps in the right hands, but I would think one would need an awful lot of practice with it to become proficient. Appears that might get quite pricey, too. Funny thing is he said he got rid of his 45 because it was too expensive to shoot, then he said a box of 50 rounds set him back $20. I don't know if they were HPs or not. They had a little blue plastic looking tip. They did look bad assed, but still tiny for a SD round. Hopefully, he won't find the need to shoot through body armor, but I suppose you never know.:)
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Oops, I guess my ignorance of 45s is showing. Could have sworn he said Desert Eagle, but may have been thinking about a Micro Eagle another friend just bought. He may have actually said HK. I never fondled his old gun and only saw it in a holster when he carried it under his arm to and from his car. It may have been the DE that was shown above, though. About all I remember is that it was a huge gun that was much too large for conceilment which I found a little odd since he has his CCL. I usually don't ask to handle guns anywhere, but the range and gun shops and I only saw his in our yards. Sorry for the confusion, although I guess none of us is the wiser, since I really don't know what he had.

To be honest, I was more interested in his new gun and I think what peaked that interest was a gun that appeared to be plastic all over, except the barrel, that commanded over a grand. Guess I'm old school, but something about that strikes me as odd. The whole time, I was looking for the cavity that held the Co2 canister, because I had to look closely to tell it wasn't just a fancy BB gun. My money is always tight and I'm cheap to boot, but I'm not sure I could lay that down for a plastic gun. I have trouble justifying half of that for a Glock.
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I talked with him again yesterday afternoon and he said his old gun was a Desert Eagle 50 caliber. Makes sense, because it was a big gun. I had other neighbors ask what he was carrying out to his car every day. All they knew was that it was a very big gun. Now I understand why he said he wanted something that was cheaper to shoot. When he said the target cartridges were a little over $20 for a box of 50, I was confused. Now, I understand.:)
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