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My new Taurus TCP

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Well as some of you guys may have read I bought a new Taurus TCP last week. I finally got to the range today to shoot it. I got through about 3 or 4 mags or American Eagle FMJ rounds with no problems. And the the SHTF. It started with failure to eject about once per mag. I thought this could be from me limp wristing but no matter how tight I held it it seemed to happen about once per mag. After fighting through box 1 of ammo, I swapped to Magtech FMJ rounds. It got worse. I started having failure to fire issues. The firing pin would strike the primer but not with enough force to set off the round. I could reload the round and it would go off. Still had problem with ejecting and returning to battery.
I loaded up a mag of Federal Hydra-shoks and the first mag went through with no problems. After that it was the same thing again. This finally ended with the gun not firing at all. The hammer doesn't seem to be falling hard enough to set off the primer.
When I pull the trigger slowly you can hear 2 clicks. I field stripped the gun to watch the hammer fall. The first click I hear is the hammer falling back to where it sits at rest. The second click is the hammer actually falling to strike the firing pin. Occasionally the hammer will fall in a normal manner.
I think that's the basic summary of my problems today.

So, I will be calling Taurus on Monday morning and sending the gun back to them. I've heard horror stories about their customer service so I've got my fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.
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Hope all goes well with getting you gun fixed.
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