My newest: Viking Utility Seaxe and Sheath

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Scharfschütze, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Scharfschütze

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    My w*fe has great taste in knives, firearms (but not in men, she married me). This is a "Viking Utility Seaxe and Sheath", hand-forged, handmade leather-wrapped grip and handmade sheath embossed with Mjölnir. A surprise present for me. This small seaxe (5" edge, 6 1/4" blade, 10 1/2" OAL) has a good weight for its size, sits well in the hand.
    IMG_1483.JPG IMG_1484.JPG
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  2. Scharfschütze

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    Send a PM if you want a source; I do not want to insult our paying sponsors by giving anyone free advertising.
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    Awesome. That right there's a knife. It may not cut or khill but I bet it sure will poke/spear. PM inbound
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    Oh it will go pretty deep with a 5" edge (sharp as a razor) and 6 1/4" total blade; blade's long enough to go into pretty much any organ, and weight distribution is nice. I'm buying a full-sized Seaxe from the same smith soon, but this one is thick & heavy enough to chop down small trees.
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    That’s one cool looking knife. Your wife has good taste in knifes. Don’t sell yourself short. Your wife has good taste in men. Your good breeding stock. Don’t you have a ensign? Lol
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    Yup and a daughter doing GOD's work with 1st grade Special Ed kids in a self-contained class, she has to teach them EVERY subject. And just heard they all made 100% growth. That, my friends, is a calling close akin to the priesthood.
    Aside from linguistics (my meager talent on loan from GOD) I attribute their abilities to Dr. Z (aka my w*fe) ;)
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    My wife is a Speech Language Pathologist at an elementary school and could empathize 100% with your daughter. She is disgusted with the system and is working part-time at the hospital. She may not renew her school contract and go full-time. I showed her this string and she said "God bless her." I was also secretly hoping she noticed the knife and she would be encouraged to be a nice wife like yours!
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    Show her the thread again with your post. Lol
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    Please pm me the info of the smith!
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    Got you Lima Charlie. PM sent to OP.
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    PM sent.
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