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OK, I just couldn’t resist. Besides which, I still haven’t gotten out.

So, decided to add an Avatar.

Quality stinks.

But I guess that’s OK.

Am open to guesses on where, when, and what’s that.
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jbpmidas said:
I'm guessing 70's. Somewhere up North or out west. Can't see the guns well enough.
Close but no cigar.

OK, I’ll give it away....

Circa 1967, high desert north of Casper WY (where I was living) probably early fall on an antelope hunt. Have hunted antelope in shirt sleeve weather (as shown) and in snow up to my knees. Never knew at that time of year.

Vehicle is a 1964(?) 4WD (four on the floor with a hi-lo shifter) Chevy Suburban Carryall. Spotlight on top was (in part) for running jackrabbits at night on the high desert.

Rifles: 30-338 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag both built for us by E A Craven in Bend OR.

I've tried to put in a little better print for the Avatar. Let's see if this is any better.

Consider that this was originally a 35mm slide from which a print was made 40+ years ago. That print is aging. What you see is a scan of that aging print.
captain-03 said:
’66 & ’69, out from Casper WY -- Remember the picture of your Mom taking a deer with a 7mm out there!!
Thanks for the nudge.

I just couldn't resist re-posting the picture. I've still got the head of that antelope she shot up on my wall.

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miker84 said:
Where's the truck today?
traded in on a Fiat Spyder

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1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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