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My Pistol Collection

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This is my "Baby". 1911A1 Custom built 45 Cal. "Wad Gun". The left target was shot using cast 200 grain SWC tumble lube bullets, 10 shots, from 25 yards. The right target was shot using Hornady 185 grain SWC, 10 shots from 25 yards.

This is my XDM-40 cal. The target was shot using cast 180 grain TC tumble lube bullets from 25 yards, 10 shots. Still developing a load for this one.

This is my XDM-40 again. Targets shot from 15 yards, strong arm, unsupported. Like I said, I'm still developing a load for this pistol.

These are my pistols:
Top row: XD(M)-45 (Just got this one today), XD(M)-40
Second row: XD(M) 9mm, XD(M)-40 (3.8)(Just got this one today)
Third row: My "Baby" M1911A1 Custom built, Beretta 92F.
Forth row: High Standard Citation Frame, Victor barrel and sight ramp, S&W Model 22A.

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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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