My Savage Anschutz

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by Avery, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Avery

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    ED287552-C5C4-4080-90AE-144D2285AB9E.jpeg E2100D08-EE6F-47C2-B92B-E640D8426FEF.jpeg C684927D-87F1-41FB-AD7F-B98CF667A80C.jpeg 510CCA62-F138-42C3-B1DE-04723D11F28B.jpeg I just bought it yesterday. I had said that if I ever saw one for sale I would buy it. I saw one and I bought it.
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  2. Vick

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    Nice looking rifle. I see from the photos that it is cocked...probably easier on the springs to store it uncocked, though it would probably take years to really make a difference.
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  3. Beautiful rifle. What caliper ?
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  4. Brother_Love

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    That is a beauty there! Congratulations!
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  5. DoyleAlley

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    That's one of the guns on my "dream list".
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    Utica, MS
    I Knew it! I knew it! I was talking to a customer recently about basketweave or skip line checkering. He said Weatherby was the only one he'd ever seen skip line checkering on the stock. I told him several firearms manufacturers have used skip line checkering, one being Anschutz. He did not think so, but eventually asked for the skip line on his custom Mauser stock.
    It turned out very nice. Your rifle looks very nice. I hope it is a shooter, and I'm betting it will be.
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  7. DEADEYE 1

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    Nice, I have had the opportunity to buy a Anshultz target rifle a few years back.
    I should of bought it.
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  8. Avery

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  9. Avery

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    I am very proud of it. It is nice but not as nice as some of your work that I have seen pictures of.
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  10. cs700

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    These German sweeties can shoot. I have a 64MPR that I really enjoy.
  11. Richard

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    That's a beauty. I'll bet it's a great shooter as well.
  12. phillipd

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    Awesome rifle. I love shooting my buddy's Anschutz collection
  13. mascott

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  14. checker

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    Utica, MS
    Avery, Once you get your rifle scoped, try some quality ammo and then show us some very tiny groups shot at 50 yards! Or a 100.:) Best to You, Tim
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