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My SIG 522 Finally Arrived......

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After some delays with the ice and snow in Dallas last week, yesterday I finally got this.............

The SIG 522.... 22RF copy of the SIG 556.

I ordered it from CDNN and had it shipped to my FFL dealer. Overall I am very impressed with the looks and feel. There are a few things I am not crazy about, but not many. Can't wait to hit the range this weekend. I need to zero the scope and give it a good "function testing"............ :)

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SubGunFan said:
Yes, the stock folds. One of the things I am not impressed with is the stock catch that holds the stock when folded. I would have thought SIG would have used a better design...... But then, I don't plan on folding the stock often...........

I'd heard that it can be tempermental, that's why I was asking. I've seen a kit that converts it to an AR buffer tube that can be fixed in place (or still fold).

Either way, it definitely looks like a shooter!
If these tactical 22's keep appearing, we might need an F class for them!
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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