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My two honeys...

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Rohrbaugh R9S 9MM with my Seecamp LWS .380...

I just got the Rohrbaugh, hope to shoot it tomorrow.

photo credit: Cody Jenkins
{sight was not "cut off" before posting... :cen: }
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Thanks guys... :)

I mentioned on the Rohrbaugh forum, you could not knock the smile off of my face with a brick :D
aiight...I hope to shoot her at some point this weekend :D
I was only able to fire the R9 briefly Saturday, just a couple mags, but I was impressed. Recoil was not as bad as I had experienced when firing a friend's R9 a few months ago. The DA trigger is impressive. Better than my Seecamp .380

I had a slight problem in that the left grip panel came off, apparently the previous owner had not tightened and locktited them. This is what the rep recommended when I called them {Rohrbaugh} this morning.

I'll shoot Friday morning and I'll report here Friday evening. I plan on 100 rounds minimum if possible Friday.

In spite of my grip problem, I am absolutely taken with this handgun. I might have to acquire another later.

I liiiiiiiiiiike it!!! 8)
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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