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My two honeys...

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Rohrbaugh R9S 9MM with my Seecamp LWS .380...

I just got the Rohrbaugh, hope to shoot it tomorrow.

photo credit: Cody Jenkins
{sight was not "cut off" before posting... :cen: }
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Very nice. I'm currently working on becoming a Rohrbaugh dealer. Sent in all the required paperwork today. I've never seen one in person before but I'm hoping to have a couple in the display cases soon.
§ºµ†hè®ñ_ߺý said:
Please, give a detail report on the Rohrbaugh. I've been toying with buying one since I first saw them. It's suppose to be one serious little pistol!
I'll second this. I'm very interested in the upcoming P290 pocket 9mm from SIG Sauer but the Rohrbaugh is undoubtedly worth looking into.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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