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My Wife's first-ever trip to the range.

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Perhaps some of you can find encouragement in this. A year ago when I told my spouse that I was going to buy my first pistol she was not happy. She had a longstanding fear & dislike of guns in general, and one in her house just wasn't happening. I stood firm, however, and bought it anyway. As my involvement in shooting has grown, she has remained largely silent, but a little resentful.

A couple of months ago the ice began to thaw, and she began asking questions and even expressed interest in learning to shoot. Well, today we made our first trip to Magnolia. She had only shot once, a 12 ga. 25 years ago. That left a very unpleasant memory. I was a little smarter than the moron that handed her a shotgun. She put about 100 rounds through my S & W 2206. Those .22 LR's don't even budge it's 39 oz. all steel frame.

She LOVED IT! She met Captain-03, SubGunFan, EZGO, and Suberjc. She said they were nice. Now she wants to go back...tomorrow if possible. Wants to know if we can take a "picnic" next time. So the moral is...be patient, let them initiate it, and start them out on the right gun.

As to the photo, we definitely need to work on her technique. But she got over her fear, so today was a success.

<img src="http://i863.photobucket.com/albums/ab191/shoeshooter/13Feb2011002.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
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Good stuff, I got my GF out to the range last time I went and she was a little scared at first but warmed up very quickly. She had a blast shooting my buddies 10/22, one of the reasons I picked up the SIG 522 is to have her something to plink with. The bad part was once she started shooting my glock 22 she got really really into it and shot up all my ammo, lol. I was proud to see her handle the 40 cal so well. She really enjoyed the pistols. Only bad part was I got her the Taurus Slim 9mm and that thing was waaaaay off. I was standing 10 ft, if that, from the target and couldnt even hit inside the paper. We took it back to the shop to get looked at.
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