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N. Miss. Meet & Greet at Da Shed - After the GREAT Event...

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RiverBilly is Da Man. That crazy SOB worked both his ass and shoes off to put on this GREAT shoot. As RiverBilly said.... the local folks up here are the nicest "********" you will meet. And he was correct. Those folks made me feel right at home from the moment I drove up. Even me being a "city boy" from Jackson, they made it EASY to fit right in. And the best part is..... with RiverBilly you don't go hungry or thursty, or without ammo...... RiverBilly even provided a BUNCH of ammo to shoot.

Arrival at Da Shed Friday afternoon. My Town Car's trunk was full of toys.

A new sign for Da Shed.

Da Shed at night. A little piece of heaven on earth................. (lights and decorations no extra charge.... :) )

There is a little area out back that is reserved for the "uninvited"............... :)

RiverBilly bringing in the car "target" Friday afternoon.

The full-autos (and others) shooting lane early Saturday morning. Before shooting started we had a table and tarp (to catch the brass).



5mm holes from the 9mm subcal ammo. aka: BB Ammo.

45acp, 45 Colt, 40 S&W, 9mm and 380acp make bigger holes....... Oh yeah, some 223 and 7.62x39 thrown in for good measure.......

The assault rifle and handgun targets seen from a few lanes over.

The real crowd pleaser was the 50 BMG rifle. That puppy was LOUD ! ! ! But the kick was "mild".....

Always a good combination to take to the range..... 50 BMG and 308 ammo.

Both Friday and Saturday nights we made the short walk from Da Shed to the night shoot area to keep the "neighbors" awake with some FULL-AUTO shooting............... :)

I didn't take as many pictures as I hope to. Many of the local "********" had never fired a full-auto before so my SMGs were in big demand. I don't mind. More BIG smiles on people's faces. Plus, we shot a BUNCH of RiverBilly's ammo.

My trip to Da Shed was just friggin GREAT. RiverBilly is a SUPER host. And while there, I didn't meet a "*******" I didn't like.

OK, now for some of the pictures and videos I saw other shoot..... You guys & gals post them here soon......

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It was a great shoot and weekend. A big thanks to Riverbilly for hosting it and to everyone who brought the great toys for folks to try out.I'm looking forward to the next shoot at Da Shed.
I will get my pics of folks shooting the 50 posted tomorrow sometime.
1 - 3 of 36 Posts
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