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'Neck's and Cap's Trip to CMP

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Well ol 'Neck and I decided to make a quick run to CMP a couple weeks ago ...

'Neck wanted to pick-up another Garand (Winchester) and I just NEEDED another one of those "Rusty" Kimbers!!

'Neck looking over the Winchester Service Grades ...

Most of the racks were full!!

Taking a break after looking at way too many rifles!!

Time to look over the "Rusty" Kimbers!!

Time to hit the old credit card!!

'Neck found him a nice HRA Service Grade -- decided against the Winchester!! They were all mixmasters and not in the "best" of shape -- especially at the $700.00 range. I did pick-up another one of those "Rusty" Kimbers and we left the South Store around 12:30pm. We stopped at a Wendy's just down from the South Store for a bite to eat. While eating, we were talking about all the "great" rifles we left behind. 'Neck turned to me a said - "You ready to go back?" Of course, my response was, "Yes." Went back and spend another hour of so and ol 'Neck walked away with a "Rusty" Kimber -- actually, I believe they put some more out after we had left the first time -- I know I did not overlook the one we found for him!!

Overall a great day with a great guy at a great place!!
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jakeg823 said:
what do you have to do to be affiliated or join the cmp(whatever the process is)? a Garand is definitely on my wish list is why i ask.......but probably much further down the road
Check this thread out and then ask us any question you need to!!

The RM1Specials are the best in the store!! They all look like they just let the factory!! New barrels, new stocks, all parts newly parked!!

I bought one 3 years ago when they first were introduced. CMP announced they were going to build 1000 of them!! They sold out in about 2 - 3 weeks!! I was lucky enough to get one ... IIRC, paid $917.00 to my door. The first 1000 went so fast CMP decided to add them to their offerings!!

When 'Neck and I was over there last month, they had about 20 on display .... each one was a looker!!
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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