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'Neck's and Cap's Trip to CMP

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Well ol 'Neck and I decided to make a quick run to CMP a couple weeks ago ...

'Neck wanted to pick-up another Garand (Winchester) and I just NEEDED another one of those "Rusty" Kimbers!!

'Neck looking over the Winchester Service Grades ...

Most of the racks were full!!

Taking a break after looking at way too many rifles!!

Time to look over the "Rusty" Kimbers!!

Time to hit the old credit card!!

'Neck found him a nice HRA Service Grade -- decided against the Winchester!! They were all mixmasters and not in the "best" of shape -- especially at the $700.00 range. I did pick-up another one of those "Rusty" Kimbers and we left the South Store around 12:30pm. We stopped at a Wendy's just down from the South Store for a bite to eat. While eating, we were talking about all the "great" rifles we left behind. 'Neck turned to me a said - "You ready to go back?" Of course, my response was, "Yes." Went back and spend another hour of so and ol 'Neck walked away with a "Rusty" Kimber -- actually, I believe they put some more out after we had left the first time -- I know I did not overlook the one we found for him!!

Overall a great day with a great guy at a great place!!
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what do you have to do to be affiliated or join the cmp(whatever the process is)? a Garand is definitely on my wish list is why i ask.......but probably much further down the road
cool thanks cap! it'll be a while before i do much of anything. i'm short both time and money at the moment, taking 19 hours this semester and 19 next tryin to grad! and the ar a while back whiped out my funds for a while
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