For Sale Need a Weber grill lid

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  1. Jeffery8mm

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    image.jpg I am in search of a 22” lid for a Weber charcoal grill. Sometimes I need to use both the smoker and the grill!!I will by a whole grill if you have one cheap. Doesn’t matter if the bottom is rusted out, I really just need a lid.
    I’m in newton county. I’m hoping to find one close by!!!!
    Text me @ 601-616-7387
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  2. NRA_guy

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    My 22" Webber was delivered with a bent lid. My wife had ordered it. It was only bent on the edge in one spot.

    I contacted them and they sent me another one (free).

    You might contact them.

    I trashed the bent one or you could have it.
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  3. deadeye72

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    I've got one that you are more than welcome to. I live in Brandon though. If you are coming through this way, I can meet you somewhere with it.
  4. Cliff731

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    Can't do better than that deal!!! :)
  5. Jeffery8mm

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    Thanks to deadeye!!!
    Good folks here!!!!