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Need help with weapon I.D.

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I have a chance to go to GUNSMITHING SCHOOL. And if I can come up with the identity of this weapon. My tuition will be paid. I don't have the ability to put picture on here. But can E-Mail picture to someone willing to help. Mainly need to know the name of the possible conversion kit upper. Looks like a 9mm. With possibly a top feeding magazine that may swing out to the side when ready to fire.
If you could help with identity. It would be greatly appreciated!
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It was an FBI Nation wide request. Thanks dhollis!
I looked up the AR-57. And when I showed it to this perticular person. All he could say was PICK A SCHOOL THAT WON'T KEEP ME FROM RETIRING!!!

So I guess i'm going to gunsmithing school! Thanks for ya'lls help! :thanx:
captain-03 said:
Anyone got a way to enlarge that target ... could be a 5.7x25? I think it too big for 9mm
All i could think of was a pistol cartridge with that case head size for a conversion.
Thanks again for the info! My Grandfather loves to do research on interesting items. And I have been talking about going to Gunsmithing school since I was 10. And he practicly raised me. So he said if I still was interested. He would foot the bill if I would research this weapon and come up with an answer to what it was. And he always said "When researching something. Always start by asking people that know about that kind of item. Then take the info gathered. And run with it." And I knew where to go and who to ask. :) He said "I can't believe you identified it so fast. Wish I had INTERNET years ago." So thanks again!
I don't know yet. I work full time at a college on the coast. And have a family to support. And i'm mostly interested in building custom rifles. But I know you got to learn the basics first. I have access to CNC machines & LATHES here at the college. And i'm enrolling in the machinist courses this summer. I got to find out what I can and can't work on at the campus. as far as weapon parts go. Don't need to get into any legal problems. :NO: There is a school in arizona that is 2 weeks long that goes over basic trouble shooting and repair, case harding, bluing and stock bedding. I know you don't become a gunsmith in 2 weeks but it will give me a hands on start in the right direction. And I can work my vacations around class dates. So I can go 3 times a year. And every class is more advanced.
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