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Need help with weapon I.D.

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I have a chance to go to GUNSMITHING SCHOOL. And if I can come up with the identity of this weapon. My tuition will be paid. I don't have the ability to put picture on here. But can E-Mail picture to someone willing to help. Mainly need to know the name of the possible conversion kit upper. Looks like a 9mm. With possibly a top feeding magazine that may swing out to the side when ready to fire.
If you could help with identity. It would be greatly appreciated!
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What stryker said. 100 percent correct. stryker knows his black rifles
The uppers will fit on any 223 lower. THey are fed from the top...hence the mag on top of the forearms, and the brass ejects out of the bottom. THey are about 750-780.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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