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Need Shotgun loads

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I'm looking for 12 and 20 gauge shotgun loads using Winchester AA hulls. Prefer slug, round ball and buckshot loads but need regular shot loads also. My strongest load interest is in round ball loads.

I have some CCI 209 primers, and Fiochi 209 primers, I forget the wads right now will have to look later.

Any help much appreciated.
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1-1/8 probably mostly but any ya got. Got a double ball load worked up yet?

I was wondering why he didn’t just text you directly.
Don’t know......it’s not like he’s not a familiar! Lol
I was seeing if anyone else also had some loads to share, LOL.

I'm thinking of trying some .678-.680 ball loads seems to be the ones that give the best accuracy from what I'm reading. Also going to try using some doughnut wads for the bigger .700 lead balls I have on hand.
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I'm working on a Lee double slug also.
That sounds like a waste of time.
LOL, have you seen double ball loads?

Didn't think about that if you cast them with a Lee mold they most definitely are .690.
Thanks, I've got the 3rd edition downloaded. Got to do some more reading.
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