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Need to Know What it's Worth

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I've been looking for a .357 rifle for a little while and have looked at a few. So far the one I like best is the new marlin and I saw one the other day for 579 plus tax. I was at the gun show today and found an older marlin 1894 that was pretty nice but the price out the door was 600. I haven't run the serial numbers to check the date but I thought that was pretty high. There was a 44 a few tables down in comparable condition for 450 that had a scope on it. So I guess my question is what price range should the older .357 rifle be in to be a decent deal. It didn't have the crossbar safety and was in pretty good over all shape.
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That's not way off for an 1894 in 357. They bring a premium in 357 and I think its cause they didn't make as many of them in that caliber as they did the 44 and 45. I love em! Looking for a 357 cowboy with octogon bbl myself.
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