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Need to renew my CCW. Where do i do it?

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I'm not slow or anything , but I can not find it here. There used to be a link of where to go to renew online. Somebody cleans house too much on this site. I have been to 1 website and there was no mention of such a thing.

Can someone tell me where to go to renew online?
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After digging around on the forum I located the correct place for this question in the CCW area - my apologies.

Sorry for again resurrecting this very old post but I'm new here and can't find what I'm looking for to renew my CC firearms permit. The 17 page "instruction" is almost impossible to understand! I did not receive a renewal package in the mail however I moved 4 months before it expires. Maybe no forwarding?

I have a new DL with the new address which is the one thing I definitely got from the instructions but not much else is clear? Do all those affidavits have to be notarized and included? So from someone who has done this since Tater changed it what exactly goes into the renewal package? TIA
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