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Need to renew my CCW. Where do i do it?

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I'm not slow or anything , but I can not find it here. There used to be a link of where to go to renew online. Somebody cleans house too much on this site. I have been to 1 website and there was no mention of such a thing.

Can someone tell me where to go to renew online?
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It says you can renew online everyother time, but no direction where to do it. Do you hafta submit new fingerprints as well?
It seems that the best thing to do is just go on to the MHP Substation for DL Renewal in D'Iberville (for you) and renew it before it is expired. They'll probably throw on some kind of "stupid tax " if it gets expired like the drivers license.
If it has to do with State or Govt. its always a PIA you know that.
may be, but somebody needs to clarify the info on how to go about doing it. Their website has nothing about doint it. I just dunno. I'll keep looking, but i have just about read every page on the site.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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