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New 1911A1

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Decided to keep the Springfield and get the Rock Island Tactical. Birthday present from my brother. Just need to change the grips.

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I always thought ivory looked nice on 1911s
My Rock I sold.
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p moore said:
Dang you guys. nice looking Rocks. That is on my want list. Maybe by summer. Which is better, RIA or Springfield GI?

:lol3: That question is gonna open up a big ol'can of worms. Both are good pistols, the finish on the Springfield is a little better sometimes. The Springfield is made in Brazil and the Rock is made in the Philippines, both have MIM parts which some people don't like, but there nothing wrong with MIM parts almost everything has MIM parts in it.(cars, medical equipment etc) so that's no biggie IMO because they are easily and cheaply replacable if you should want to. The Rock cost less most of the time, I always heard of these mythical $400 Springfield GIs on the 1911 forums but have never seen one that wasn't $500+.
You couldn't go wrong with either. :2c:
TankerHC said:
1985 4runner said:
VZ makes branch specific military grips if youre interested.

I love my Marine Corps grips on my RIA.
Im interested, got a link? Thanks, J
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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