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So I have been looking for a 22 revolver for my wife to use to get into shooting for awhile. I am still starting up my gun collection so I am trying to get firearms for as cheaply as possible (while still getting safe decent quality guns.) while looking at 22lr revolvers I found that pretty much everyone said "get a single six." There were the few that would throw out the Heritage Rough Rider however everyone seemed to agree that the older H&R revolvers were pretty much impossible to beat.

So a trip to the LGS to look at an ak74 (next gun on my "get me" list) and I noticed this little thing. Got it for 125 otd, after I oiled it the cylinder spins freely it actually looks like it has been shot very little.

I will be taking it to the range with my wife for the first time tomorrow. Will let you guys know how it shoots, and how much my wife loves it :D.

BTW: does anyone know where I could get some "old west" style grips for it. I really love the look of those.

Pics are pretty low quality from my cell phone but I didn't want to wait for the camera to charge :D
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