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New ammo in CMP E-Store

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I was just browsing, hoping they will get in some M118LR, and found they have added some Hornady 150FMJBT. They say is meant to emulate M2 Ball. It is somewhat pricey at $425/ 500 plus shipping.
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Yes, $850 per 1000 + shipping is HIGH.............

But remember a few years ago vendors were asking up to $1000 per 1000 for 55gr FMJ 223 ammo. I bet they didn't sell very much......

Say $0.30 for the bullet, $0.15 for the powder, and $0.03 for the primer as an example. That is 48 cents per round. Cheaper bulk bullets and powder & primers in bulk will reduce that quite a bit.....

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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